We’ve Turned 1!

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Oct 03 2019 | Camilla King

It’s been a year since The Market erupted into the digital marketing landscape, sending shockwaves across agency-land with the goal of giving brands a refreshing way of working with digital suppliers.  

We’ve dedicated the past 12 months to building automation tools, processes, reporting suites, and forming team skillsets and structures around the service our clients were asking for. 

Without the tired legacy infrastructures that some agencies are held back by, we were truly able to listen to our clients, and build solutions based on their actual needs. As a team we’ve tripled in size during this period, and our client set has been on a similar trajectory. 

Looking back, the journey so far has taken us to Brighton, Leeds, Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Newcastle…  and even South of the river! But what have we learnt along the way… 

  1. The same digital mechanics that help transform growing businesses can be applied to large internationals who need to execute effectively on a local level
  2. An understanding of the audiences who aren’t buying your products is almost as valuable as an understanding of those who are
  3. Any task that can be made more efficient, allows for more valuable analysis and thinking time – and that will ultimately be what moves the dial for businesses
  4. If Harvey’s wearing a loud shirt, it’s date night

But there’s no rest for the wicked, so in terms of what’s on the horizon at The Market, you can keep your eyes peeled for:

Your Marketplace app: client-facing app to access real-time campaign results and interact with your Campaign Manager right in your pocket 

Reporting: an overhauled reporting suite will focus on pulling out insights and learnings from your campaigns 

Your Market insights: an upgrade of our research and insights tools will allow us to pull market insights more effectively and tweak campaigns to target the right audience at the right time 

Another exciting year of growth and innovation lies ahead, but for now it’s time to tuck into some well-deserved cake…

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