Paid Search Glossary – Part Three (R-Z)

Paid Search
Oct 25 2019 | Ed O'Callaghan

This Third and last section of the list of relevant terms for Paid Search, with easy to understand definitions, aims to make learning, or re-learning, the latest language of Paid Search that little bit easier.


Remarketing : Serving targeted ads to people who have already visited or taken an action on your website.

Remarketing List : A list of users who have visited your site and met certain rules and conditions you’ve set up.

Remarketing Tag : A block of code added to a website which adds website visitors to remarketing lists.

Search Network : Google’s search engine or Google search partner sites where your text ads can appear, most commonly above and below the search results.

Search Partners : Sites in the search network, such as YouTube, that partner with Google to show ads.

Search Query/Term : A word or phrase entered by a user into a web search engine.

Search Volume : The number of searches that are expected for a keyword within a certain period.

Seller Rating Extension : An ad extension that shows your seller rating. Google gathers seller ratings from reputable sources that aggregate business reviews.

Session : A group of interactions one user takes on your website within a given time frame. Google Analytics defaults this time frame to 30 minutes.

Short Tail Keyword : Phrases containing up to three words which are not highly specific to our business offering. 

Similar Audience : A group of people who have similar search behaviour to your existing remarketing list members.

Site Link : An ad extension that allows you to add more links to your ads that take people to specific pages on your site.

Structured Snippet : An ad extension that allows you to highlight specific aspects of your products and services. It shows beneath your text ad in the form of a header and a list of values.

Target CPA : A bid strategy type that focusses on getting as many conversions as possible at, or below, a set cost per acquisition. Bids are automatically adjusted based on how likely a user is to convert.

Target Impression Share : A bid strategy type that focusses on getting impressions and driving brand awareness. Bids are automatically set to help achieve your impression share goal.

Target ROAS : A bid strategy type that focussed on getting conversions and sets bids to help you achieve a target return on ad spend when you value conversions differently.

Top Impression Share : Impressions you received in the top location on the search result page divided by the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive in the top location. Top location is anywhere the ads appear above the organic search results. Eligibility here is based on your current ads targeting settings, approval statuses, bids and quality.

Traffic : Refers to web users who visit a website and is measured in visits, also known as sessions.

Transaction : A conversion that is an e-commerce purchase.

View Through Conversions : Conversions that are recorded when users view (but don’t interact with) an ad and then convert later. These conversions are counted based on a period of time called a view-through conversion window.

There you have it, all three lists of relevant terms, curated to make learning the language of paid media a bit easier! We hope you have enjoyed our Paid Search Glossary, and that it will be useful in decoding our ever changing industry!

Why not read Part One and Part Two of the Paid Search Glossary, or for more information about our services.

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