Freesat: Integrated digital campaign helps Freesat launch its latest range of Set Top Boxes

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Freesat is a British free-to-air satellite television service, provided by a joint venture between the BBC and ITV plc. Freesat offers an alternative to paid-for satellite TV, with a great selection of channels available without a subscription for TV fans.

The Challenge

In Spring 2020, Freesat launched their new range of set top boxes, offering improved functionality and an even better user experience for their customers. To accompany this, Freesat were aiming to launch their largest marketing campaign to date; with brand new creative from creative agency Mr. President and a comprehensive media plan built by The Market in partnership with media brokers Electric Glue.

The goal of the campaign was threefold:

  • Drive awareness of Freesat as the best free to air television provider.
  • Demonstrate Freesat as the smart choice for TV lovers in the UK; both in terms of value and TV viewing.
  • Drive sales of the new product range.

To achieve this, they needed a comprehensive media plan, created in collaboration with creative production to ensure that all areas of the brief were targeted strategically and that real value was driven from the media investment.

With 20% of the population aiming to reduce their regular financial commitments due to COVID-19, we needed to be competitive and showcase subscription-free as an incentive.

The Solution

We set out to reach an audience of pay-TV ‘Wobblers’: 35-55 year olds (with a skew to Northern England), that currently had a TV package with monthly subscriptions but were open to switching provider.

To satisfy the campaign objectives, our media plan involved a three-pronged approach using Display, Paid Social and Paid Search.

We made channel and inventory decisions based on our audience’s digital media habits and offline behaviours; seeking to reach users in contextually relevant spaces, including:

  • Direct media buy with TV Guide, to reach users who check live TV listings.
  • Facebook over Instagram, to reach TV fans who were active social media users.
  • Reaching orthodox YouTube viewers through targeting ‘Freemantle’ content.

Tactics differed across Social and Display, in order to achieve cross-channel competitor conquesting. Social was used to target subscription TV customers based on historical preferences, whilst Display targeted users browsing competitor keywords in real-time.

To avoid the typical skew to London, Custom Geo Trafficking enabled us to segment upper funnel line items by location to manage delivery across different UK regions.


12.7 % of total clicks driven by PPC were successfully converted into the desired retailer click action


40% improvement in Paid Social CPA throughout the first 3 months of activity by utilising an audience funnel approach

38 % decrease in cost of traffic (vs planned benchmarks) to commercial pages on the Freesat site across the key Consideration phase.

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