Leveraging the power of Paid Social to generate awareness amongst ‘conscious consumers’ for an iconic lighting brand


The Challenge

A quintessential lighting brand came to us seeking a digital strategy to amplify the launch of their recent creative campaign emphasizing the longevity of their quality products. 

The client needed a strategy to reach an audience of conscious consumers and quality enthusiasts with their ‘movement’. We identified the younger generations as the target audience, for whom sustainability and quality are becoming increasingly salient factors in purchasing decisions, and set out to drive awareness and engagement amongst this group.

The Solution

A phased approach was used to achieve the campaign objectives, aligning the targeting and messaging to the user need state throughout. 

The phase one ‘Catch’ campaign, focused on achieving the primary objective of awareness, reaching the next generation of the client’s customers. Using audience profiling to target users on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, the campaign was optimised for impressions and reach, with a KPI of CPM (cost-per-impression). The asset for this phase was a brand manifesto video which introduced the new lifetime guarantee service.

As the campaign moved  into the ‘Connect’ phase the objective was to drive familiarity within these new audience groups. The strategy was a sequential messaging approach to retarget users who had engaged with the brand manifesto video in phase one. During this phase, the objective was clicks through to the website and engagement with landing pages. 

In order to provide the client with optimal insights, we tested different user segments to determine which groups were more engaged with the creative and brand message. Through testing media platforms, we were able to establish the most effective platforms and provide the brand with confidence for future campaigns.


38% lower CPM than the industry benchmark in ‘Catch’ phase

14,000 users successfully re-targeted during the ‘Connect’ phase

1,816,139 views of the campaign video

The campaign results were excellent, with CPM for video views in the ‘Catch’ stage 38% better than the industry benchmark.

During the second ‘Connect’ phase we were able to successfully re-target the audience and drive 14,000 people into the client’s website.

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