Maria Casino: Award-winning campaign ‘Escape from Dull’ drives 22 million brand impressions

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An online casino company.

The Challenge

Maria Casino faced the challenge of establishing its presence in an already competitive and saturated market on a limited budget.

The Solution

The Market identified the best way to fulfil the brief was through effective influencer marketing techniques. Working with a partner allowed us to leverage a large social following and further scope to build a campaign that we felt was unique, fun and exciting.

With over 20 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, that are digitally active and predominantly ‘gamers’, an audience which have a known history to engage with Maria Casino, Mark ‘Turps’ Turpin was identified as the right choice to amplify the campaign. The challenge set to Turps was that he had 12 hours to get as far away from the remote village of Dull in the Scottish Highlands, with no money, just his wits and a bag of seemingly useless items to barter with, such as a Braveheart DVD.

The 12-hour live event followed an epic journey of adventure that was covered on Twitter, Periscope and a live blog on As the challenge progressed, The Market executed a PR and outreach campaign designed to target online gamers, national and local press.




increase in brand search volumes


increase in First Time Deposits


flights from Denmark




visits to


brand impressions driven in under 12h

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