Raffolux: Leveraging Paid Search & Social to launch a new niche brand in a competitive market

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Raffolux is the home of luxury raffles, giving everyone the chance to live their dreams, with prizes ranging from all-inclusive holidays to the latest designer products.


The Challenge

As a new brand, Raffolux needed to drive awareness whilst identifying and then engaging with their core performing audiences. Alongside this, they needed to test the robustness of their site, whilst also generating CPA numbers for future investment rounds & long-term planning.

The Solution

The Market faced 3 key challenges with the launch of Raffolux. Firstly, it was a new brand, meaning it had no following, and no brand familiarity. Secondly, we needed to hit a critical mass of subscribers as quickly as possible to become sustainable. Lastly, we needed social proof and authenticity to show the brand as trustworthy.

The Market’s approach involved a comprehensive test and learn process, comprising of 3 key stages; awareness, consideration & action. Each stage would let us tackle one of these challenges, whilst also hitting all the points mentioned in the client brief.

Furthermore, each stage allowed us to take learnings ranging from audience insights, to creative content which would improve the subsequent stage.

Facebook & Instagram were leveraged to drive awareness at scale, utilising interest targeting to showcase particular raffles to high affinity audiences. Search was leveraged to gain market share from competitors, whilst driving direct ticket purchases through branded search.


94% reduction in CPA

459 Sign Ups, with an overall 8.82% conversion rate

3,796 clicks to the site

~3,000,000 impressions

852,000 users reached

We saw huge improvements in our main KPIs, and by the end of the campaign, managed to hit a CPA of <£10, with a blended CPA of £32 across the whole 3-month campaign. We reached 852,000 users, driving 3 million impressions, which resulted in 13,796 qualified clicks through to the website. Overall, the website drove 459 sign ups at a 8.82% conversion rate (split 3.88% on Google Ads, and 9.88% on Facebook), which was assisted by some CRO adjustments suggested midway through the campaign. Overall, the figures and performance were incredibly strong, especially for a new brand launching to market with no existing brand presence or awareness. We were thrilled with the impact of the multi-pronged strategy, which were able to prove the audience appetite and engagement with the Raffolux proposition.

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