Your business is unique and so are its challenges; our agile offering gives you the freedom to choose the services that matter most to your brand.

Display & Programmatic

Our Display team’s experience across a wide range of client types and sizes has allowed us to distil the requirements for high-performance digital media down into a few core components:

Transparency is king. We make sure our clients receive full visibility of our commercial arrangements on their behalf. No mark-ups and no hidden kickbacks. We work on the simple premise that your budget goes on buying impressions that match your KPIs and nothing else.

Planning makes perfect. Our suite of planning and insights tools, as well as our experience across the vast array of potential partners, means that each campaign strategy is built from the ground up to match your business, your audience, and your goals.

Data capture and integrity. As media offers so many points at which we can collect data, we always ensure our tagging architecture is at a level that guarantees we will be taking meaningful insights from your campaigns. Without this, there is no way to improve performance and push it to the next level.


As Mobile continues to revolutionise the digital ecosystem, we recognise the need to factor mobile into absolutely everything we do. We have dedicated mobile experts across all digital disciplines to ensure that the path to superior performance is understood across all potential user touchpoints.

We also have specialists who look after mobile app growth and the management of mobile-first clients.

We place emphasis on using partners who have helped to shape the mobile landscape and understand the usage, buying habits and behaviours associated with a mobile user. As the industry matures, we are constantly looking at new and innovative opportunities to help clients solve challenges and enhance the customer experience.


Audio is a hugely powerful medium with meaningful reach at scale. We can reach users through Ads, Sponsorships and Branded Content, and target users against demographic, interest and content. We help brands reach the right audience at the right time, with contextual targeting supported by artificial intelligence.

By utilising the growing podcast marketplace, we can select premium content, with talented creators, and most importantly – highly engaged listeners. The medium taps into niche and mainstream passion points, in an intimate and immersive conversation.

Not only can we reach users anywhere, at any time, but we can also tap into emotional states depending on the content.


Despite the fragmentation of audiences over the past decade TV remains a powerful brand-building channel which sits at the heart of many effective media strategies. Our insights and planning process gives us a clear picture of how our clients’ audiences consume TV, down to a granular level of what devices, channels and programmes they prefer.

It is essential to understand the relationship between TV and digital media consumption. You will not maximise return on spend or have a measurement system in place without this approach from top to bottom planning.

We use a combination of Direct Response TV, Broadcaster Video On Demand, TV Sponsorship and Product Placement and track and optimise our TV campaigns in order to find out exactly what’s working and what’s not, by using an attribution, spot-for-spot, TV tracking system that gives us insight into the performance of response-driven campaigns. This insight enables us to identify trends, opportunities, underperformance, and what steps to take to increase efficiency.


Out-of-home (OOH) advertising allows brands to reach potential customers when they are “on the go” in public places. This could be in transit, waiting, in specific commercial locations and retail spaces. OOH placements have evolved from traditional billboard formats into digital screens in urban centres, bus stations, new-stands and shopping centres. These multitude of placements allow for flexible campaign planning that aligns to consumer offline behaviours, while integrating with digital media consumption, through hyper-localised and timely placement and synchronised messaging.


The power of influencer marketing should no longer be ignored, with growing evidence that it leads to both brand awareness and ultimate sales. We marry brands and influencers and creators by data-led analysis of their shared audience interests. Influencers can span on and offline media; from A-list talent in music, film, sport, and television to niche digitally-native creators.

We develop and execute influencer strategies on a global scale, based on brand goals and aligned to the wider media mix. We ensure a consistent experience from the initial connection, the creative development, through to measurement and reporting, to make sure it is done properly.


Social platforms offer advertisers a diverse choice of paid routes with which to reach and engage with consumers. There is increasing variety of ad types and targeting options, giving brands more interesting ways of engaging new users. At The Market we help brands understand the options and curate a media plan to utilise content for greatest engagement.

Our Paid Social team have worked across a wide variety of businesses, including retail, fashion, FMCGs, gambling, travel and finance. Each brand we work with needs a tailored and considered plan to grow through social, and we simplify this planning process to unlock the biggest opportunities.